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The following things are currently being conducted at the Madrasah:

1. Complete Aalim/Alimah (Takmeel) course.

2. Hifzul Qur’an & Noorani Makhtab (Catering for adults also)

3. Computer literacy and tailoring for men & women.

4. Vocational, Sewing & Agricultural studies.

5. Adults education courses & separate classes for females.

6. Provides all necessary teaching for poor and orphan students.

7. Free medical treatment for everyone who is deprived of it.


Most of the students come from a very poor family including many orphans. For each of the Hafez, alim & orphan students it costs £180 per year.


Currently, there is also construction work going on for the:

  • Al Jamia Halimatus Sa'dia Girls Madrasah Building, costing approximately £150,000.

The annual running cost for:

  • Al-Jamia Shamsul Uloom Boys Madrasah and Orphanage Building is £100,000.


Also under construction in this poverty-stricken area where people are deprived of medical treatment, is a new Hospital costing approximately £1 Million which will benefit more than 50 thousand people.


Therefore, there is a serious need of collecting donations for this work to be achieved through the help of people which will no doubt be a Sadaqah-e-zaariah.

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