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'Baitul Aman Welfare Trust`, is a UK Registered Charity running in one of the poorest and most flooded areas of Bangladesh. In the city of Netrokona-Mymensingh, which is near the Indian border, financially and educationally Mymensingh is one of the unprivileged areas in Asia.


Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, the Madrasah, and Masjid management have been doing their best to uphold the values of Islam since 1991.


At the moment the trust is running many projects such as:


A. Baitul Aman Jamia Masjid.


B. Al Jamia Shamsul Uloom Boys Madrasah and Al Jamia Halimatus Sa'dia Girls Madrasah & Orphanage.

All facilities are free of charge to all unprivileged students.


C. Al-Haq Darus-Shifa Hospital.

We are planning to build a three-storey hospital mainly for children, mothers & elderly, approximately 50000 people will benefit. This project will cost 1 million pounds. 




jame masjid.jpg

Baitul Aman Jame Masjid

Al-Jamia Shamsul Uloom Madrasah.jpg

Al-Jamia Shamsul Uloom 

Al-Jamia Halimatus Sa'dia 

8 Application.jpeg

Charity Commission

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