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Baitul Aman Welfare Trust

Al-Jamia Shamsul Uloom Madrasah & Orphanage  


Al-Jamia Halimatus Sa`dia  Girls Madrasah & Orphanage  
We are a UK registered charity based in Bangladesh. We help poor and orphan children all over the world get the food, shelter, and education they require. 

At present, in many areas of Bangladesh and Burma, Rohingya, lots of families have been affected by Covid-19 and the recent floods. They don’t have enough money or food to provide for their families.


Therefore it is crucial that they receive emergency shelter, clean water, money, food, and medical care as soon as possible. With your generous donations, we will be supporting many of these needy, vulnerable families.

Here at Baitul Aman Welfare Trust, we provide:

1) Clean Water Pump Tubals to water-deprived areas,

2)Education, shelter, clothes & books to Poor Orphans,

3)Free Dry Food packs for The Rohingya Muslim Refugees,

4)Free medical treatment for all those in need in Bangladesh and Burma, Rohingya 

Emergency Donation Appeal

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